A discreet address, Left Bank, in a Paris that invents village airs, where we create harmonies.

Mezzanine, like a melodious slogan that praises the golden mean. An antibling manifesto for reconnecting with matter and escaping without leaving your nest, from the Scandinavian archipelagos to the Iberian valleys, via the Var hinterland.

A cave of artisanal marvels that punctuates love handmade and beautiful things. Household linen, flowers, cushions, crockery, scents, everyday objects with raw finishes, seemingly simple but with that poetic detail that makes them irresistible.

Virtuous collections , made in France, with respect for nature and people, guarantors of the ethical, local and united triptych.

A certain idea of ​​life in the city too, like being in the countryside. The warmth of a house transformed into a rural interlude in full urbanity. We recognize there the hygge of the Danes, these balanced and comfortable interiors where life is good and where we like to receive.

Mezzanine is that and a thousand other things, temporary exhibitions by guest artists , ultra-gifted craftsmen who put a lot of their soul into their work...

A sequel to invent.

Who are we ?

Mezzanine is the story of the meeting in art school of two friends made for each other. With a diploma in hand, the first became a fashion & interior designer and collaborated for international magazines before opening her boutique, the second made her ranges in children's fashion with renowned brands in France and elsewhere, before creating her own line. .

Liza & Kelly have in common a vision, a sense of aesthetics and a sensitivity, which encouraged them to bring their worlds together to become one and offer the best of know-how in the heart of Paris. make crafts.